France for Friends


Our Mission:

France For Friends, established by Lana Crawford Rogers in 2004, provides travelers with a unique and personalized view of France welcoming all those seeking tours in English or French. France For Friends creates personalized itineraries for travel in France and makes traveling easier by providing help with transportation arrangements.

Lana Crawford Rogers, American, was born and educated in the USA, receiving her bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, DC. She lived in French-speaking Africa for ten years and has lived in Paris since 1983.

We welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your next visit, suggesting other visits and assisting you with the language and sharing our extended knowledge of the history and culture as well as our own experience of life in France.

Our objectives:

Should you be one person or a group of fifty-two, France for Friends welcomes you to France. School groups, family reunions, special travel for an anniversary or just pleasure…? France For Friends welcomes you!